Assessment programs are a Direct Service program - a program that meets with a youth a few times to conduct a singular service, in this case, to evaluate the youth to identify mental health and/or behavioral risks and needs.  Programs may use any number of different assessment tools to assess the risks and needs of the youth and provide recommendations for services for prevention and intervention.  Under Assessment programs are also Assessment Centers, which are a location where staff can meet with youth to complete the evaluations, and Referral Services, which are agencies that help youth and families find services within their communities based on their assessed needs.


Training videos

Assessment Discharge Section

This video looks at the new discharge section and discharge fields on the assessment screen in the JCMS added to the system September 28, 2018.

Administrative Functions for Assessment and Referral Service programs

This short video will explain how Assessment and Referral Service programs can select the assessment types and services referred out to in their programs from a list available in the JCMS.  This will allow the "assessment type" and "referred to" fields to be customized to specific programs.

Assessment Screens - Tabs

This video reviews the steps to add data to the Charges, Contact Attempts, Assessments, and Referrals tabs in the JCMS on the Assessment screens.

Referral Service - Tabs

This video reviews the steps for adding Charges and Referrals to the Referral Services screens in the JCMS.

Tracking Youth who Return to Assessment and Referral Service Programs

This video discusses how to enter data in the JCMS for youth who return to Assessment centers/programs and Referral Service programs more than once.

Assessment JCMS Training