Promotion/Prevention programs use methods or activities to reduce or deter specific problem behaviors such as bullying, gang involvement or substance abuse; or to promote positive behaviors and outcomes.  Promotion/Prevention programs that aim for promoting positive behaviors can focus on employment skills, life skills, or be pro-social activities which are designed to encourage youth to behave in ways that benefit others.  Some Promotion/Prevention can touch on different areas of promoting positive behaviors while working to prevent the problem behaviors within the same program.   Promotion/Prevention programs can also utilize 40 Developmental Assets programming which focus on 40 research-based, positive qualities that influence young people’s development, helping them become caring, responsible, and productive adults.  Programs in this category will meet with youth in an ongoing basis over a specific period of time.


Training videos

JCMS Screen Updates

April 2018

This video reviews the changes/enhancements to the  prevention/promotion screens on March 21, 2018.  These changes include: adding a discharge reason, changing the field "Hours Required to Attend" to "Total Hours Available", adding a field to track why a youth was not administered the Modified Risk and Protective Factors survey, and the creation of an activity tab to track more specifically what the youth are participating in during the program.

JCMS Data Entry

Adding Program Information

This video reviews the steps needed to add the program information the promotion/prevention screens in JCMS to capture the information about the program as well as how many hours the youth participated and their modified risk and protective factors survey scores.