Mental Health

Mental Health programs work with youth to promote the youth’s recognition of their abilities and help identify coping skills to assist with promoting mental health well-being.  Mental Health programs can utilize screening tools and assessments to help identify if the youth has a mental health diagnosis to further tailor the program to meet the needs of the youth.  Mental health programs can be assessment focused, where the program completes the assessment and then locate the best services for the youth’s mental well-being, or the programs can be treatment focused, where the services provided to the youth that will help promote cognitive mental functioning through client-focused therapeutic options.  A program can complete the assessment and treatment, but it is possible for treatment providers to have the youth referred to them from another agency having completed the assessment.



JCMS Training - Administrative Functions

This video reviews the steps to set the assessment types for the Mental Health screens in the JCMS through the Administrative Functions page. This allows programs to customize the drop-down menu to select the assessments they utilize in their programs.

JCMS Training - Contacts, Groups, and Scores

This video reviews the steps for entering data into the tabs on the Mental Health screens in JCMS for contacts, groups, and scores.

Update July 2018 - contacts tab

This video reviews an update to the Mental Health screens in the JCMS that went into the system in July 2018.  This update added a field to track the number of occurrences that mental health providers are meeting with youth and/or families during a given time period.