Diversion programs are programs aimed at diverting low-risk youth with minor law violations from the juvenile system who would otherwise have charges filed or be adjudicated. The county attorney grants diversion for youth after considering the youth’s age, the nature of the offense, the youth’s history and future risk, and the recommendation of the referring agency.  When a youth is granted diversion, the diversion officer should tailor a program for the youth based on the youth’s specific needs and areas he/she needs to focus on.  If diversion is completed successfully, the youth’s charges are either dismissed or not filed in court.”

Visit the Nebraska Crime Commission's Diversion page and more resources by clicking here and selecting "Juvenile Diversion."


training videos

Additional Diversion Reports

This video goes over the reports in the JCMS that are currently only accessible to diversion programs.  There are a total of 12 reports in the JCMS briefly discussed in the video.

Administrative Functions for Diversion Programs

This video will review the different functions under the administrative tab in JCMS for diversion programs - setting the diversion office point of contact, drug tests, creating case plans, and selecting the assessments administered to the youth in the program.

Deleting Cases and Profiles in the JCMS

This video goes over the steps to delete incorrectly entered case types from youth profiles in the JCMS, and the steps to delete a youth profile in the JCMS.   Profiles should only be deleted if they are a duplicate youth in the system or were entered in error.  Case types should only be deleted if they were incorrectly selected from the menu (you intended to select a different program type from the menu).  If you are not sure if a case or profile should be deleted from the JCMS, please contact JJI.

Diversion Tabs - Adding Information under the tabs in Diversion Screens

This video will review the steps to add parent/guardian, charges, scores, diversion contract, diversion activity, alcohol/drug tests, and alias names to the JCMS in the diversion screens.

Update July 2018 - Crossover Youth

This video reviews an update to the Diversion screens added to the JCMS in July 2018.  This update created a box to indicate if the youth being served is a Crossover youth, or a youth involved in both the juvenile justice system and the child welfare system.


Quarterly reporting

Diversion Code Book