Crisis Response

Crisis Response programs are made up of teams of individuals trained to intervene in cases where youth’s health or safety is threatened, resolve serious conflicts between parent/guardians and the youth regarding the youth’s conduct or disregard for authority, or runaway behavior.  Law enforcement notifies Crisis Response teams when they are called to a location where there is a situation as mentioned above, and the staff/team works with the youth and their family/those involved in the situation to come to a solution the make sure the youth and others are safe.  The solution can include creating a safety plan with the youth and family, services being provided to the youth and family to keep the youth at home, and/or the youth being places outside of the home.  The Crisis Response staff/team can also recommend services within the community to address the needs of the youth/family as part of the resolution process, and follow-up with the family if needed.

Crisis Respite falls under Crisis Response programs, and is a temporary placement for a youth outside of the home to provide relief for parents or caregivers.  This is not an extended placement.



JCMS Training - Crisis Respite: Referral Tab

This video reviews the steps to add referral information to the Crisis Respite screens in the JCMS.

JCMS Training - Crisis Response: Follow-up and Referrals

This video reviews the steps to add follow-up and referral information to the Crisis Response screens in the JCMS.